Partnering for Employment

Beyond Limits Students are working hard to fine tune their skills and gain employment - hopefully with you!

Beyond Limits provides young adults with disabilities the opportunity to attend a residential faith based college. In addition to college classes all students receive on-campus job placement, coaching, and employment skill building as students prepare themselves for the natural next phase in life; to gain competitive employment in a field that suits their strengths and interests and benefits the organizations that give them a chance.

We are learning that our students bring some really good things to a work environment besides just productivity. They also have great infectious attitudes, are extremely dependable and bring an appreciation of work that is desired and much needed in most work settings. When you factor in the goodwill and positive message that it can produce for an organization that employs people with disabilities, it’s a real win-win situation.

If you are interested...

in exploring bringing the energy and experience of pre-qualified and supported young adults with disabilities in your workforce then please contact us at ‭(952) 563-9904‬ or email We also have the opportunity and flexibility to offer “job tryouts” where the students could work as an apprentice within your organization for a period of time to “try on” the job prior to hiring with a competitive wage. This would be a great opportunity not only for our students to gain experience in many fields, but for you to observe and decide if they are a good fit within your organization with minimal commitment up front.