Admissions 2018/19

2016-1Beyond Limits is entering its fifth year of including students with developmental disabilities at Bethany Global University. Our graduating students have all succeeded in living and learning on campus. The way has been paved and we are ready for you…

The Beyond Limits program provides access to a private, tuition-based, Christian, residential college-experience for young adults who are not able to meet traditional credit-bearing college requirements and require adaptive programming and a modified curriculum.

2016-2Students who are likely to be successful in the Beyond Limits program:

  • Possess good social skills, motivation for learning, and a desire for more independent living.
  • Demonstrate self-control and the ability to work with others.
  • Desire to learn, work and live in a Christian college community.
  • Have work experience or the potential to work in an integrated community setting.
  • Are able to take care of their own personal needs and navigate the campus independently with limited formal supports.

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